The Monkey Gallery DESSERT BAR is the only dessert restaurant in Vietnam, offering a truly unique experience. Immerse yourself in an art gallery where imagination sets the stage, and every visit is an exploration of creativity and flavor.

Throughout the year, our Gallery Artists and Attendants curate a series of exhibitions, each presenting one-of-a-kind storytelling and immersive experiences that captivate and inspire our visitors. These exhibitions are meticulously designed to evoke emotions and spark curiosity, ensuring that no two visits are ever the same. The dynamic and ever-changing nature of our exhibitions means there's always something new to discover and enjoy.


Thiên Hạnh
Head Pastry Chef
Professionally trained at The French Pastry School in Chicago, Illinois, Hanh specializes in French pastries and plated desserts, infused with Japanese and Vietnamese influences. Her diverse cultural background allows her to blend traditional French techniques with unique flavors and artistic presentations, creating a distinctive and memorable culinary experience.

As the ‘host’ of Saigon’s only dessert bar with an art gallery theme, Hanh aims to redefine the dessert experience for her patrons. She meticulously crafts each dessert to be a masterpiece, balancing flavors, textures, and aesthetics to evoke emotions and tell a story. Her creations challenge conventional notions of dessert, pushing boundaries to surprise and delight her guests.

Hanh hopes to inspire a deeper appreciation for the art of dessert-making and to share her love for Vietnamese and Japanese flavors with the world. Her goal is to make The Monkey Gallery DESSERT BAR a must-visit destination for dessert lovers, where each visit offers something new and exciting. By combining her technical expertise, cultural influences, and artistic vision, Hanh strives to leave a lasting impression on all who experience her culinary masterpieces.
Trung Hưng
Head Bartender
Hung breaks away from the traditional cocktail playbook, creating drinks that push boundaries and tantalize taste buds. Imagine flavors that combine unexpectedly but harmoniously, leaving you wanting more with every sip. More than just a bartender, he’s an artist, transforming the bar into a stage for his innovative creations. Each drink, served with infectious energy, turns your cocktail experience into a memorable performance. Step up to the bar, raise your glass, and enjoy the magic in every pour.