Welcome to The Monkey Gallery, a minimalist & contemporary Art Gallery showcasing the Art of Dining through a gastronomic journey hosted by our 'Monkeys'!

The Monkey Gallery DESSERT BAR is a modern Jazz Bar serving gastronomic desserts and mixology mocktails and cocktails. A special mouth-watering snack menu which is designed by The Dining is also served here. Dessert Bar also includes an open kitchen bar where our Artists work on their artworks.

Dessert Bar is suitable for younger travellers or locals couples and friends who seek aperitifs, or drinks and sweet treats before or after meal.


Thiên Hạnh
Head Pastry Chef
Professionally trained at The French Pastry School in Chicago, Illinois, Hanh specializes in French pastries and plated desserts, with Japanese and Vietnamese influence.
As the ‘host’ of Saigon’s only dessert bar with an art gallery theme, Hanh hopes to create unconventional experience for all dessert lovers through her creations.
Trung Hưng
Head Bartender
Not bound by convention, Hung throws off the tired cocktail playbook, opting instead to conjure up libations that push boundaries and tantalize taste buds.
Imagine symphonic flavor combinations where unexpected ingredients sing in harmony, leaving you wanting more with every sip. More than just a bartender, he’s an artist behind the bar, transforming the space into a stage for his innovative creations. Using drink and hospitality, all delivered with an infectious energy that makes every cocktail experience a memorable performance.
You step up to the bar, raise your glass, and prepare to be surprised and delighted by the magic he puts into every pour.

Head Bartender at @monkey.dessertbar